This page demonstrates how to retrieve OAuth Bearer token, load avatar mesh and texture by known avatar code using Avatar SDK Web API and display it using three.js.

You will need your application Client ID and Client Secret which could be obtained on the developer page of your account. Make sure that Authorization Grant is set to Client credentials. Please copy Client ID and Client Secret into corresponding fields on the form on the left on this page and press Authorize. Authorization Bearer field should be filled automatically after successful authorization.

Next you will need existing avatar code. If you do not know one, please go to the Web page sample and create a new avatar. The copy avatar code into corresponding field on the form on the left on this page and press Get. A download process should be started and once it is finished a rotating avatar should be displayed.

Please inspect samples_threejs.js file for three.js usage sample. You will also need the following files:

Please contact us at support@avatarsdk.com if you have any questions.

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