On this page you could find and example of how to work with Avatar WEB API:

For full list of available methods and its description please visit Avatar WEB API documentation page.

First of all you need to sign up for itSeez3D developer Account and register an application. Note: do not forget to set Authorization Grant to Client credentials to pass OAuth authorization process.

Then you need to specify you application Client ID and Client Secret in the Athorization form and obtain an access token.

Now you are ready to create your 3D avatar: pick a selfie and avatar name and create computation task. Usually it takes up to minute to complete the task.

Our algorithms are not perfect yet, so computation task may end up in Failed status. Do not get upset — try to choose another selfie with better lighting, more sharp and clearly visible face. In the end you will be able to retrieve results (mesh and texture) by the corresponding links in avatars section.

You will be able to see all underlying requests made while your avatar is being created in Requests list section. All requests and its responses are styled as curl utility output as most developers are already familiar with it.


texture request